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“Collectors’ Illuminator Pack” Presented by Illuminati Congo

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1.75” Limited Edition “Illuminati Congo” Enamel Pin
4”x10” Parchment Scroll of Illuminating Affirmations Written by Illuminati Congo

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Illuminati Congo dissolves the barrier between conscious and unconscious, reggae and hip hop, light and dark, particle and wave, all the while in a playful, musically-unique way…Motivational, Meditational, Inspirational, yet hard, hood and from the heart…Energetic performances and unparalleled lyrical songs with thought-provoking and comedic underlays. We are offering a rare “Collectors’ Illuminator Pack.” A text of Illuminating magickal affirmations (words of power spells printed on parchment paper) is included with the limited edition luminous Illuminati Congo pin. This pin reminds us of our inherent illumination and encourages the same in others when worn.